How To Hookup In Shanghai

How To Meet Girls in Shanghai

Heading to Shanghai and want to know where to meet girls? China’s largest city and home to a population of almost 25 million people, Shanghai is an international hub which attracts many tourists and business travellers. In fact, more than eight million overseas visitors pass through the city each year. Combined with a large expat … Read more

The Best Apps for Dating in China: How Do They Compare?

best apps for dating in china

Looking for a date in China and want to know which are the best apps to use? Dating in the 21st century has seen a shift away from the traditional culture of using personal ads or meeting a prospective partner through friends, colleagues or casually in bar. Instead, the development of smartphone technology and its … Read more

China’s Funeral Strippers: The Bizarre Craze that China Wants to Ban

chinas funeral strippers

Attending a funeral can be a very solemn occasion but China is seeing more and more services featuring the services of professional strippers. Last rites vary around the world with different cultures choosing to honor their dead in various ways. From the somber traditions that originated in Victorian England that now dominate burials in the … Read more

China’s Porn Ban: Has It Been Successful?

china ban porn internet

Want to know more about censorship of porn in China? Considered a ‘social evil’, pornography is strictly prohibited in China and has been since 1949 when the communist party took control. State censorship laws have encompassed all aspects of porn including media like DVDs, magazines and books. In 2002, the ban also came into force … Read more

China’s Red Light Districts: Past and Present

chinas red light districts past and present

China isn’t the first place in Asia that you will associate with prostitution even with Hong Kong and Macau thrown into the mix. However, the country has a long association with the sex profession even if it differs to the western evolution of the trade. In fact, despite the fact that prostitution is illegal in … Read more