South Korea Escorts

Looking for an escort in South Korea?

There are plenty of agencies to choose from in Seoul and most bars and hotels have business cards for independent escorts touting for work. You can even have your escort meet you at a local love hotel if you prefer to be discreet with where you are staying.

Escorts in South Korea are as varied as any other country and you can get budget girls to elite escorts of all nationalites. We’re going to walk you through the options available in cities like Seoul as well as give you information on the best agencies to use, prices to pay and the experience you can expect.

The Escort Scene in South Korea

Prostitution in South Korea is illegal but that doesn’t stop escorts from plying their trade across the country. Obviously, the biggest scene is where the demand is highest, in Seoul City. Most independent escorts will advertise online either through free classified sites or via escort directories. They also advertise using the old-fashioned calling cards which are left at plenty of reputable businesses including hotels, bars and restaurants.

There are also quite a few escort agencies operating in the main cities, particularly Seoul.

Some businesses run escort services from their premises to complement their other adult sex trades. More commonly these will be a part of a massage salon or strip club and usually offer both out-call and in-call services.

What are South Korean Escorts Like?

Asian girls have an appeal that reaches far beyond the confines of this vast continent with their services in high demand internationally. Korean women are particularly coveted due to their reputation for being ‘unavailable’. Whether the attitude is cultural or partly xenophobia, unattainable women in real life naturally gain status when it comes to paying for sex.

Though there are similarities between Korean women with their Chinese and Japanese neighbours there are differences too. Koreans specifically, due to their cultural attitude towards ‘mixing of blood’, retain a far more traditional ‘look’.

With naturally delicate skin types, Korean escorts that have looked after themselves can have that prized porcelain look. Asian women also tend to be slighter of build and will be more feminine than a lot of other ethnicities as a result of being petite.

Facially, Korean women have wider faces with a more square jaw line and round forehead. With smaller eyes than the Chinese and Japanese, Koreans have higher cheekbones.

Korean escorts tend to wear more make-up than other girls and their often smaller mouths will be made up with a dark red/brown lipstick. Also, eye-makeup can be quite heavy to try and accentuate the smaller eyes.

What Kind of Service Can You Get with an Escort in South Korea?

Most escorts through an agency will stipulate a minimum of a two-hour booking though independents may provide an hour service. Your standard service should include the following within your fee:

  • Attended shower or bath
  • Massage
  • Oral sex
  • Full French kissing
  • 69
  • Intercourse (with a condom)
  • Unlimited positions

If you want anything in addition to this then you will be looking at extra costs. You will also need to request this in advance to ensure that they can be accommodated. Not all escorts will provide extras but you can request these from the agency or directly with your escort. Common extras include:

  • Anal
  • Lesbian
  • Double performers (two ladies)
  • Double penetration (one lady, two guests)
  • Golden showers
  • BDSM
  • Services for couples

Escorts in South Korea

Due to advertising regulations and the laws surrounding the escort industry, we cannot link to any of the agencies, directories or individual websites of South Korean escorts.

Needless to say, they are not hard to find via Google.


Seoul in particular has a very lively sex trade scene with many establishments offering escort services alongside their other business activities. Both on an in-call and out-call basis, you can pick up escorts from strip clubs by the hour.

Most of the strip clubs seem to offer a driver pick up service from your hotel which includes for a two hour package with drinks from around $500. The reason that they do this is obvious when you arrive; a ‘secret location’, either you probably wouldn’t find or would possibly walk away from if you had stumbled upon it by chance.

Looking for Easier Thrills?

If you’re too lazy to arrange a meeting with an escort, or are looking for something a little more discreet, there are plenty of live sex show options where you can enjoy an intimate encounter through your laptop or mobile device.

Cam sites are a great lazy fix.

You simply sign up, search through amateur models, pick out your favourite and start a live sex chat. She’ll perform for you live in her bedroom…while you chat away and get your rocks off!

We’ve already covered some of the best Asian cam sites — two of our top recommendations for getting started are Chaturbate and MyFreeCams. Enjoy.